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If you aren’t sure your roof has damage from a recent hailstorm, thunderstorm, a fallen tree, or otherwise turbulent weather and you would like an honest, accurate roof inspection and estimate from a trusted roofing company, Fort Worth Roofing Contractors can help! If there was a recent storm damage or you look out and see damage in your neighborhood and your neighbors are calling for roof inspections, then you’re probably in need of a free roof inspection to at least ensure that your shingles aren’t damaged.

Stress-free Roof Inspections

If you have roof damage, it’s best to get an accurate estimate from a roofing company with years of experience throughout Texas. We’re located in Fort Worth, but we’ve also served many other parts of Texas in the past. We understand the Texas home insurance system like the back of our hand and can make replacing a roof stress-free for our customers.

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Face it. There’s nothing fun about calling insurance companies, getting roof replacement quotes, getting signatures on the check from the mortgage company if you don’t outright own your home, and then deciding what to do next about the roof damage. Many of our customers ask, “Do I need to replace my roof?” or “Can my roof be repaired?” The answer in Texas is usually that if your roof was hit by one baseball sized hail, it was hit by thousands. When a tree falls down, you might have better luck if the damage was minor. Either way, our roof repair and roof replacement service in Fort Worth is top notch!

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If you suspect that your roof could be damaged at all it is important to have any roofing damage fixed immediately. By catching roof damage early on you can prevent serious damage such as flooding, A/C unit damage, mold, and other more serious problems from occurring. Thankfully, the inspection is free and there’s no obligation to choose working with Fort Worth Roofing Contractors.

But, wait folks! That’s not all! Okay, we’re not trying to use terrible TV sales techniques, but we are able to use drone footage to inspect your roof as well. We can also share all photos taken during our inspection with you directly.

At Fort Worth Roofing Contractors, we are committed to bringing the best service and the longest lasting repairs to your roof whatever the need may be. We want to excel and beat our competitors on every aspect of our work, but especially in customer service. We also encourage you to get multiple estimates from roofers in the area. You’ll see that we offer competitive pricing, but the BEST quality materials and service. We look forward to hearing from you!

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