Of the hundreds of roofing contractors in Fort Worth, Texas you have to decide between the top rated roofing contractors on Google.  Finding a trustworthy roofing contractor takes research and should include viewing their reviews, history, background, and experience.

That means looking for 5-star, 4.9-star, and 4.8-star rated roofing contractors with a history of doing great work. Sometimes, roofing companies use marketing tools that help them generate reviews and filter out bad reviews. That’s why when you see a company that hasn’t been around for more than a couple years may already have hundreds of 5-star reviews. However, they have a filtering system to prevent the negative reviews show up.

You should expect that people have different opinions and while the work should always be excellent, an occasional 4-star review isn’t a bad sign. It’s actually a sign of a true company doing good work. The vast majority of reviews, we hope to see are 5-star however, so let’s take a look at roofing contractors in Fort Worth you can trust for estimates.

Fort Worth Roofing Contractors in North Fort Worth

Fort Worth Roofing Contractors in North Fort Worth, Texas is a 5-star rated roofing company that moved from Tyler, TX to the Fort Worth area North of I-820 and East of I-35 recently in 2021. We have a reputation of being responsive, quick, and getting the job done right.

Our roof replacements are durable and are completed within two days or less. We also provide free roof inspections and responsive answers to any questions regarding your roof to make replacing your roof stress-free.

Our next-level customer service involves answering the phone with a real person that you know from start to finish. Unlike some of the larger roofing companies below, we won’t pass you off to a different person once we have your business.

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Lon Smith Roofing & Construction

We’ve had customers come to us after having work done by Lon Smith Roofing & Construction. Their service is good, they have been around a long time, but the complaints were that the person who helps you get signed up leaves and then they throw someone else at you for the rest of the work.

SR1 Roofing

SWAT Roofing Fort Worth