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2803, 2022

What Is Included In A Roof Inspection?

By |March 28, 2022|

A roof inspection is the start of any roof repair or replacement process in nearly every situation. Even if there is obvious, severe damage that is visible to anyone, the roof inspection is vital. The inspection allows the roofing contractor to find both the seen damage and the unseen damage. Roofs often have damage, or early signs of damage, that takes an experienced eye to see. But what is a roof inspection, exactly? The answer to that is a [...]

2103, 2022

How Severe Storms Cause Roof Damage

By |March 21, 2022|

Severe weather events occur every year in the United States, and Texas is no stranger to its own severe storms. In fact, it’s estimated that severe storms across the U.S. caused upwards of $140 billion in damages in the year 2021 alone. A majority of the cost of storm damage is incurred by private citizens whether it be their homes or their businesses. There are some steps you can take to mitigate storm damage. Mother Nature can be fierce, [...]

1403, 2022

What Happens If A Roof Is Not Vented?

By |March 14, 2022|

Although it may not be something you immediately think of as a homeowner, ventilation is important for your roof as much as the rest of your house. Venting your roof allows for proper air flow and circulation that will also prevent damage. Without this ventilation, the humidity and moisture levels of the attic will remain steady and even increase. When moisture is allowed to remain in the attic, this can cause damage to both the attic and the roof. [...]

703, 2022

How Does A Roof Work?

By |March 7, 2022|

When you think of a roof, you are likely picturing the slopes and the shingles that you commonly see on houses. While the shape and look of a roof is what you may be thinking of as the roof itself, a roof actually has multiple parts that all come together to make the roof work for its intended purpose. The different parts of the roof are what really make up the entire roof. Without each section, the rest of the [...]

2802, 2022

Which Type of Roofing Is The Best

By |February 28, 2022|

You’ve finally made the investment plunge, an investment that will have a return for decades if done correctly. You’ve gotten with your local Fort Worth roofing contractor and your free roof inspection is complete. The decision has been made to undergo a complete roof replacement, but now you have another important decision to make: the roofing material. The type and quality of roofing material can be one of the largest factors in the overall cost of the job. So [...]

2102, 2022

How To Get A Roof Replaced

By |February 21, 2022|

A new roof is an important investment to protect both the integrity of the interior of the home as well as the aesthetics. It is your home’s shield against mother nature itself, protecting you from things like rain, sleet, hail, snow, and even flying debris. It helps to protect you from leaks and is an important part of regulating the internal temperature and humidity. A damaged roof is bad to have for many reasons: It can look bad, especially [...]

1402, 2022

Is My Roof Covered By Insurance?

By |February 14, 2022|

Weather in Fort Worth, Texas can be unpredictable and wild. Various weather events can strike and leave behind damage in its wake. Especially with high winds and hail, a lot of this damage is sustained by roofs of homes and businesses. This can lead to an unexpected financial expense that many people may not be ready for. Luckily, those with homeowners insurance may be able to receive assistance by filing a claim with the insurance company that they have [...]

702, 2022

How To Choose A Roofing Company

By |February 7, 2022|

For any property, residential or commercial, the roof is one of the most important aspects of the structure. The roof protects the occupants and everything else inside from a variety of things. The two most common dangers a good roof protects you from is extreme temperature and weather. So it should not be a surprise that when it comes to roof inspections, roof repair, and even full roof replacement, you want to make sure you are getting a good [...]

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