Weather in Fort Worth, Texas can be unpredictable and wild. Various weather events can strike and leave behind damage in its wake. Especially with high winds and hail, a lot of this damage is sustained by roofs of homes and businesses. This can lead to an unexpected financial expense that many people may not be ready for. Luckily, those with homeowners insurance may be able to receive assistance by filing a claim with the insurance company that they have a policy with.

Types of Damage Covered By Insurance

Not everything is covered by homeowners insurance. Your insurance policy should include what is called dwelling coverage, or at least something similar to that. This coverage includes the entire structure of the home, including the roof. However, not all damage, or “perils”, will be covered by your insurance.

The likely perils that will cause damage to your home that require roof repair, and that is also covered by insurance, will come from extreme weather events. In North Texas, the two most common and well-known types of weather damage is from tornadoes and hail. While your home may not be directly affected by a tornado, the storm systems that spawn them still have strong winds. These winds are known for causing damage to roofs and even tearing a roof completely off of a building. In these cases, a full roof replacement is usually required.

Is my roof covered by insurance

If a severe storm hits your area and your roof sustains damage directly related to that storm, you will likely be able to file a claim with your insurance. For example, if strong winds knocked over a tree which in turn fell onto your roof causing damage, this is very likely to be covered by your insurance.

Another type of damage that may be covered is from fire and smoke. Even if a fire does not reach the attic or the roof, the smoke is very likely to cause damage. Keep in mind that a determination will likely have to be made about the cause of the fire and/or smoke before insurance will cover the damage. The damage would have to be a result of an accident.

The roof of your house is not the only roof that may be covered by your insurance policy. If your policy includes coverage for other structures on your property, these are also covered in the event of a weather event. This is especially helpful if you have a detached garage or a shed on your property. Having this coverage on your policy helps to ensure that all of your roofs are covered in the event of extreme weather.

Types of Damage NOT Covered By Insurance

There is also damage that your roof can sustain that is not covered by insurance. Particularly, any damage that is caused because of poor maintenance will not be covered by your insurance provider. Normal wear and tear is also not covered by insurance. If you haven’t been properly maintaining your roof to keep it in optimal health, or the roof is just extremely old, it may not be covered except for sudden damage like a storm.

This is a good reason to have regular roof inspections to ensure the state of it. Having these inspections and keeping proper documentation could greatly assist you when filing a claim to prove that any damage found was not because of poor maintenance.

How To Make An Insurance Claim For Roof Damage

Dealing with insurance claims can be a stressful time for any homeowner, especially after a severe storm that has caused a lot of damage. You have your home to think about, which you have invested time and money into, but also your family and maybe even your neighbors. The claim process can be long and tiresome if you aren’t very sure of what you need to do.

At Fort Worth Roofing Contractors, we have an experienced team ready to help you with not only your roof repair, but also dealing with insurance. We have established relationships with numerous insurance adjusters and we know how the claim process goes. From the initial roof inspection to the final payment, we will be with you at every step to work in your best interests. If you need roof repair, roof replacement, or assistance with filing an insurance claim for your roof, contact us today to get started.