Severe weather events occur every year in the United States, and Texas is no stranger to its own severe storms. In fact, it’s estimated that severe storms across the U.S. caused upwards of $140 billion in damages in the year 2021 alone. A majority of the cost of storm damage is incurred by private citizens whether it be their homes or their businesses.

There are some steps you can take to mitigate storm damage. Mother Nature can be fierce, however, and it’s important to know that you can’t prevent all storm damage. Some can be prevented altogether, while some can at least be reduced.

How Do Storms Damage Roofs?

Severe storms can damage your roof in a variety of ways. The two most common ways are wind and hail damage. No matter how strongly your roof is constructed with the most skilled craftsmanship, a roof can sometimes only withstand so much wind. North Texas is in Tornado Alley, and an EF-5 tornado is usually a minimum of 200 mph winds or more. Even the strongest of roofs may struggle against winds as powerful as that.

Deadly winds will bring a secondary threat: debris. If the wind itself is not ripping shingles right off of your roof, the surface faces the threat of being bombarded from flying debris. This debris ranges from sticks and branches, to rocks and anything left outside. This debris can strike your roof that causes damage to the roof and makes it much more vulnerable to leaks.

How Severe Storms Cause Roof Damage

The severity of damage caused to your roof by hail is very dependent on the type of roofing material and the size of the hail. Hail can chip away at shingles, leaving dents that degrade the integrity of the roof. As the size of the hail increases, so does the damage. Dents and dimples become chips and even small holes which can then lead to leaks. A roof damaged by hail that is not repaired will only become more costly over time.

How To Prepare And Protect Your Roof From Severe Storms

There are a few ways to prepare your roof for the most severe of storm seasons. One of the easiest and most affordable ways is to have a free roof inspection completed by a trusted roofing company prior to any major storm season. In Texas, our most severe storm season begins around March with the onset of Spring. Having an inspection in January or February is a smart move to reveal any current damage or vulnerabilities, particularly if there have been winter storms.

If you have any type of gutter and/or drain system for your roof, ensure that it is cleaned out and in good repair. During a heavy storm, clear gutters and drains will help to make sure that water does not accumulate in places that it should not. If you have trees near your home, make sure they are well maintained and trimmed to prevent extra branches and limbs from detaching and causing damage to your roof.

My Roof Was Damaged In A Storm: Now What Do I Do?

An unfortunate fact does still remain: sometimes your preparations will not prevent all damage. Storms can be devastatingly strong and powerful. If your roof was damaged in a storm then you may be wondering: what do I do now?

The first step is to get a free roof inspection scheduled by a professional roofing company like Fort Worth Roofing Contractors. While an individual person can spot the obvious damages after a storm, a professional can find all of the damage down to the small dents. Sometimes the smallest, most difficult to find damage can be the most dangerous. A thorough roof inspection will provide you with a complete overview of the extent of any damage.

Depending on your insurance policy, you should also contact the insurance agency that you have homeowner’s insurance through. Luckily, most insurance policies cover damage caused by storms. Regardless, dealing with the insurance company can be a complicated and often long process. Fort Worth Roofing Contractors has many years of experience working through the insurance claim process.

Roof Repair From Storm Damage In Fort Worth, Texas

Severe storms in Texas can strike hard and fast, sometimes unexpected. Having regular roof inspections before and after storm seasons can significantly reduce the risk of having to have a roof replacement. For quality and trusted work, contact Fort Worth Roofing Contractors today.