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At Fort Worth Roofing Contractors, we focus our efforts on providing excellent material options and ensuring that you receive the latest, most advanced shingles and sealing technology that will withstand even the worst storms, wind, hail, and tornadoes that Texas has to offer.

Our roofing teams are experienced, fast working, and ensure that every inch of your roof is properly protected with each roof installation, repair, or replacement. No more worrying about a partially damaged shingle being unable to withstand the next storm to blow through your Fort Worth neighborhood or for water leaks to cause extensive damage to your home.

Ensure that your roof last for years to come and withstands the worst of the Texas weather, so that you can enjoy your home in peace and confidence knowing that NO water damage, leaks, or compromising damages occur that could cost you in the future. Don’t stress over needing a new roof and dealing anymore when you hire the Fort Worth Roofing Contractors that are experienced in every nuance of Texas Roof Installation and Repair.

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Protect Your Roof Against Devastating Winds

Half of all roof damage is caused by wind damage. We provide high performance shingles that can handle incredibly high wind speeds. Using windproven GAF shingles in a 7-layer system, we can offer lasting protection against high winds for your roof.

Ask us about getting our 7-layer GAF shingles on your home for a lasting roof solution.

Seal Your Roof with QuadraBond by CertainTeed

Contractors and homeowners love the Certainteed QuadraBond technology that uses an advanced 4-point adhesive seal that’s engineered to last. These shingles provide enhanced resistance against wind and delamination.

QuadraBond is a high-grade modified asphalt adhesive that seals our shingle layers together at an industry-best four points, helping to keep your roof looking good while protecting the home underneath it.

As one of the leading adhesive products on the market, QuadraBond is highly valued by professional roofing contractors who must trust their reputation to the shingle brands they recommend to their customers.

Get The Longest Lasting Shingles on the Market

Your shingles are the first layer of defense against the worst weather mother nature has to bring. They are the longest lasting and most durable shingles available. This 4-part technology includes:

  1. PolyCore Technology increases the lifespan of your roof
  2. FlexCore Technology allows the shingles to bend and flex rather than crack and tear
  3. ThermalCore Technology reduces the effects of thermal shock caused by expansion and contraction during extreme heat and cold
  4. WeatherCore Technology allows the shingles to outlast even the worst weather including up to 155 mph winds.

Get the Right Roof for Your Home

Call Fort Worth Roofing Contractors for a FREE Roof Inspection today. We’ll provide you with a detailed roof health report that includes roof measurements, pictures of any damages found, along with several estimates for you to choose from. You then can decide for yourself what the best option is for your family. Get an estimate you can trust from a company that you can trust by choosing Fort Worth Roofing Contractors.

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